Avaya Phone System

I recently started reading about Avaya phone systems and I figured I would post some of the knowledge I’ve gained before I forget it; this way I will always have a reference. Below are some of the basic commands that you should be familiar with when working with Avaya phone systems. This is in no way a complete list of commands. For more information regarding Avaya Phone Systems and their configuration settings please visit Avaya at http://www.avaya.com

The following commands should be ran in Avaya Communication Manager.

Avaya Communications Manager organizes and routes voice, data, image, and video transmissions. As we all know back-ups are essential. Manual backup type: save transition. To check if your system is backing up automatically type: display system-parameters maintenance

Dial Plan

Your dial plan tells your system how to interpret dialed digits.


  • Attendant (attd)
  • Dial Access Codes (dac)
  • Trunk Access Codes (tac)
  • Extensions (Ext)
  • Feature Access Codes (fac)

To display your dial plan type: display dialplan analysis
To modify your dial plan type: change dialplan analysis