Skype for Business 2015 Implementation

I am implementing Skype for Business 2015 in a high availability and redundant, design.  The below topology is what we’re shooting for.  To increase security on our Edge Servers we’ve decided to create two DMZ zones.  We’re also using Citrix NetScalers for load balancing and reverse proxy.  Wish me luck!

Open Source Routing (DD-WRT) – Project -Networking

I use multiple routers and switches on both production and lab networks that I maintain.  With all the vulnerabilities in SOHO routers and their manufactures not updating firmware quick enough (or at all) I decided to research alternatives.

I found multiple open source communities which provide third-party firmware, which are designed to replace the original firmware on some commercial routers. The open source firmware that caught my eye is the DD-WRT.

This weekend I finally found time to install DD-WRT on my old Linksys WRT54G router.  I use this router from time to time on my Lab networks.

DD-WRT is a Linux based alternative Open Source firmware suitable for a great variety of WLAN routers and embedded systems.



About DD-WRT

DD-WRT Wikipedia

Third-Party Firmware

HP Pavilion DV7 – Project – Repair

A client recently asked me to remediate all the issues he was having with his HP Pavilion dv7 laptop.  A quick diagnosis showed that it was riddled with malware and had a physical memory issue.  Instead of working through and removing the malware individually we decided it was best to format his hard drive and install his latest backup.  In addition to the format I replaced the RAM memory modules.

HP Pavilion dv7
Intel Core i7 2.3 GHz
1TB 5400rpm Hard Drive
17.3in diagonal HD+ BrightView
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Multi-Room Audio – Project – Diagnosis

Marantz SR6005

I found myself sitting on the floor tangled in a mess of wires this weekend.

The project was a multi-room audio and video system. The key components consisted of Marantz, Polk Audio, Atlantic Technology, Aeros IR/RF Remote Control, Sony, and a Samsung 72in TV.

This particular system has a Marantz SR6005 receive set with two zones. Zone 1 consists of a Samsung 72in HL-T7288W TV with Polk Audio floor standing Monitor 70 Series II front speakers and Bose Acoustimass rears. Zone 2 consists of two indoor (located in Kitchen) Polk Audio in-ceiling speakers and two outdoor Polk Audio speakers with independent wall-mounted volume control pads.

The problem was that the homeowner could no longer listen to music through their Zone 2 Kitchen and Outdoor speakers. They had an Aeros MX-850 programmable infrared remote control that was configured to power on Zone 2 and play music through the USB/iPod input.

During the diagnosis I confirmed that I could manually power on Zone 2 and play music via an iPod through the SR6005’s USB interface. This lead me to believe that the Aero MX-850 programmable remote control needed to be re-programmed with the correct macros to account for the receiver that was switched out and replaced with the current Marantz SR6005.  A macro is a sequence of commands that are issued to the receiver in a particular order. The macro’s programmed in the remote control had to be updated.

If this issue occurs in the future the homeowner needs to know how to manually operate their system’s Zones independent from the Aeros remote control. To help educate the homeowner and for future convenience I created visual instructions on how to manually operate Zone1 and Zone2.

Marantz SR6005 Panel

Marantz SR6005 Backside

Marantz SR6005 :

Samsung 72in :

Polk Audio :

Aeros IR/RF Remote Control